How This Works

How this works:
Step 1 - Apply. We can't do much without an application, but once you fill it out, we can go to work.
Step 2 - Get Approved. Our lenders will contact you via phone call, email, and/or text to present you with your payment options on the product you'd like to order. They will also go over the documentation needed, if any, to get you fully approved. These documents may include proof of ID, proof of income, and/or proof of banking. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to give us a call at 866-300-2070.
Step 3 - Go over terms for purchase. Either our lender or our reps at Shopezcredit.Com will contact you to go over your payment options, terms, and delivery. ALL of our lenders require 1 payment up front (After your contracts are signed), so we will discuss when you'd like to make that payment. We usually can get your order shipped out 1-2 business days after you make your 1st payment. Delivery times vary based on product size.
Step 4 - Order product. Since we are a 100% online company, we get contracts for purchases electronically signed by every customer. A representative will initiate your contracts being emailed to you once you have applied, been fully approved, and have been presented the payment options you qualified for.
Summary: Apply, send docs needed to lender at their request, get approved, go over terms, e-sign contracts, make 1st payment, and get your stuff. Pretty straight forward. ?

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is this is a scam? - We get this question frequently since we're a 100% online company. So let's address it. No, we are not a scam. We have been around since 2003 and are proud of our A+ customer service rating. Please feel free to research us online, on social media, or give us a call and speak to a rep personally.
Is there a credit check? - We have access to both credit check and no-credit-needed financing sources. But yes, there will 100% be a credit check on your application by our lenders. Especially when applying for financing for products that cost more than $1000.
My credit score is bad, can you work with me? - We have access to both credit check and no-credit-needed financing sources, so we are able to help a broad spectrum of customers with different financial backgrounds. That being said, we cannot help everyone. This is not a guaranteed approval program. But our "Secret Sauce" is our ability to connect you with a lender that offers payments that fit your budget so we can get you the product you need.
What kind of credit score do you have to have to qualify? - The lowest credit score our "Prime Lenders" will consider is 550. If you score is below 550, or you get turned down for another reason, we are more than willing to attempt to get you an approval through our No-Credit-Needed lending partners (Which are not as concerned about your credit score).
Why would I get turned down if my score isn't terrible? - Each of our lenders have different criteria that they consider when reviewing an application. Some things that would be an automatic turn down by our lenders would be: A bankruptcy that hasn't been discharged for at least 365 days, a past due mortgage, a high debt-to-income ratio, payday loan inquiries, inability to prove information you put on your application, unaccepted banking.
Do you accept prepaid cards? - No. Not a single one of our lenders will take prepaid card accounts anymore (Or anything considered reloadable). It's probably not your fault, but too many customers all over America were signing up for payments on them and then would close the accounts once they received their product. They will not consider them a valid form of banking.
How long does delivery take? - It depends on the product size. A laptop usually only take 2-3 days. A riding mower can take 6=10 days. A zero turn mower usually take 8-12 days. Custom orders can take longer. It just depends. Ask your representative when ordering to get an accurate assessment.

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