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How GIA Diamonds Are Graded

GIA 4Cs of Diamond Quality Every diamond is unique. Each reflects the story of its arduous journey fromdeep inside the earth to a cherished object of adornment. Yet all diamondsshare certain features that allow us to compare and evaluate them. These features are called the 4Cs.

There is no other gemstone quite like a diamond. It is found in the most remote places on earth, and the fact that it forms at all is something of a miracle. It takes about one ton of rock to recover less than half a carat of rough, making diamond one of the rarest and most desired gemstones in the world. A diamondis a testament of endurance and strength, and not surprisingly, the ultimate symbol of love.

GIA has been entrusted with grading some of the world's most famous diamonds, and brings the same unmatched expertise to grading yours. Independent and nonprofit, GIA is considered the final word on a diamond's authenticityand quality. GIA developed the 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System™, the standard used around the globe. GIA screens every gemstone to identify synthetics, simulants and known treatments.

Expert gemologists examine each diamond under controlled lighting and viewing conditions, in order to provide the most rigorous assessments of a diamond's 4Cs. Every GIA grading report contains these assessments along with additional descriptive information and state-ofthe-art security features.

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