How To Value A Diamond

The assessment of the value of a diamond is very complex. One basic factor is its enduring beauty, which has kept the diamond in demand all through the centuries. Another is its rarity:

  • All the rough gem diamonds found in the world in a single year would fit in just one 2 1/2 ton truck.
  • Two hundred and fifty tons of ore must be mined and processed to produce just one 1.00 carat polished diamond of gem quality.

A third is its durability; a diamond never changes, never wears out, and needs no maintenance. A fourth is its symbolism; in modern times the diamond has become the symbol of Love & Affection.

An Appraisal of jewelry is only an opinion. To obtain the true weight of a diamond or diamonds in a ring, they must be removed from the setting and weighted in a diamond scale.

Never take the verbal assessment of a jewelry item given by an independent jeweler. Only written appraisals by a Certified Jeweler are considered valid.

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